Experienced HVAC Contractor Serving Concord, NC

In North Carolina, HVAC is a necessity rather than a luxury. If you depend on your HVAC to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, regular servicing and prompt repair is vital. We are a well-respected HVAC repair and servicing company that can undertake all the important maintenance tasks your air conditioning and heating needs to remain in top condition. Why not minimize the risk of a breakdown and potentially save yourself some money by signing up for one of our Servicing or Protection Plans?

Local Air Conditioning and Heating Repair

If your system does experience a breakdown in the Concord or Charlotte, NC area, we’re here to help! We are familiar with most makes and models of HVAC units, enabling us to perform skilled air conditioning repair that’s quick and effective. If you notice your HVAC isn’t performing quite as it should, the sooner you call us out the more quickly we can begin working on restoring it back to normal. Inefficient HVAC systems use more energy and, if left unchecked, may end up failing altogether. Why risk it? We can come out rapidly and sort out the problem, whatever it might be.

We Also Undertake Commercial HVAC Repairs and Servicing

If you own a business, you’ll know the importance of fully functional HVAC. Not only does it make life easier on your work force, your customers will also prefer to spend time on your premises when the temperature is appropriately regulated. If your HVAC is too old for continued effective service, why not get in touch for a FREE replacement quote?

HVAC Contractor Offering AC Repair and More for Concord Homes and Businesses

Why put up with sub-standard or non-operational HVAC when our skilled, professional team can service, repair or replace it rapidly and properly. No matter what type of system or issue you might have, you can depend on us to resolve it for you. To take advantage of top quality workmanship at highly competitive prices, call us now at (704) 787-9708.

Protection Plus Layaway Plan

Why not have Years of worry-free heating, cooling and hot water! With our Protection Plus Layaway Plan, this is an affordable reality..

Maintenance Plans

We will perform regular maintenance checks at no additional charge as part of our service contract.

Affordable Price

Proper maintenance is an essential part of having a functional furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system. JLK Mechanical wants to make it easier, and more affordable, for you.

Question for one of our HVAC Specialist?

Let our Jim or Rob give you a free estimate & they will keep your heating & cooling needs met at an affordable price