Our Maintenance Plan members get superior service every time they contact us for service

Proper maintenance is an essential part of having a functional furnace, heat pump or air conditioning system. If you are not already investing in maintenance, the wear and tear of daily use is likely taking its toll. Yet remembering to have maintenance checks performed is not always easy. JLK Mechanical wants to make it easier, and more affordable, for you.

Priority Service

When we have multiple calls for service, our Maintenance Plan members always get served first. This includes both emergency service and regular service calls.

Maintenance Checks

We will perform regular maintenance checks at no additional charge as part of our service contract.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our Maintenance Plan members will be satisfied, guaranteed, or they won’t pay for service.

The maintenance plan includes the following annual checks

Spring A/C Tune Up

  • Inspecting motors for Amp draw
  • Checking refrigerant levels
  • Checking wear on electrical components.
  • Inspecting air flow of air handler
  • Chemically cleaning outdoor unit

Fall Heat Pump Tune Up

  • Checking electric heat strips/defrost mode
  • Checking air flow
  • Inspecting motors for Amp draw
  • Testing refrigerant levels.

Fall Gas Furnace Tune Up

  • Testing all safety switches
  • Inspecting for gas leaks
  • Checking heat exchanger for cracks
  • Measuring Amp draw from the evaporator motor
  • Checking air flow temp
  • Inspecting humidifier and UV light if applicable

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